1600 ponce de leon

TWR provided MEP engineering services for 1600 Ponce, a 16-story mixed-use commercial office building with retail on the ground floor.

Resilience is the keyword in designing commercial building systems.

As a trusted partner in commercial property, TWR has helped develop the quality of urban living and working environments. Our work continues to evolve with the changing aspirations and challenges of owners and developers. Commercial developers continue to find multi-faceted value in mixed-use building projects that combine spaces for working, living, retail, hotels and leisure. Employers in the market for office space are also looking for higher value. They want better environments that help them to attract and retain the best talent. In response, TWR is creating the highest quality workplaces in office buildings and other commercial developments.

Partial project list includes:
1600 Ponce | Coral Gables, FL
7750 Professional Building | Miami, FL
2020 Salzedo | Coral Gables, FL
Giralda Complex | Coral Gables, FL
7350 Biscayne Blvd. | Miami, FL
Logik Tower | Miami, FL
Seneca Town Center | Penbroke Park, FL
Urbana | Miami, FL
Design District Office Building | Miami, FL
Wagner Square | Miami, FL
Megacenter Brickell | Miami, FL
Unika Office Building | Miami, FL